Harmonic Cheers

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Harmonic Cheers

In about 100 shots, this is the only one with droplets on top, which was my intended final result. Why? Because I knew some people might jump to conclusion too early and said "they are jello" without further consideration, if there is no droplets in the shot.
No, of course they are not jello, they are real splashes. The high speed flash froze the action.
How to make harmonic action like this? First of all, you need two MDF board and mount one piece on top of the other one with drawer slides. Then you need to install a spring (or strong bungee cord) in between two boards. When I pull the top board leftward, the spring will be energized. When I release the top board, it will be pulled by the spring and quickly moves all the way to the end. The sudden stop at the end will create a splash for any wine glass glued to the top board. I glued all five wine glasses on a piece of reflective board for the reflections. For better adhering, sanding the bottom of the wine glasses and part of the reflective surface is helpful.

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Mess and clean up:
After each shot I used foam brush to clean up the table top and used Q-tips to clean up the inside of the glasses. This procedure makes my next shot clean and easy for post processing.

Lighting setup:
To freeze the action of splashes, the white background has to be illuminated by flash with fractional power. I used one single flash for this.

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The colorful liquid:
The colorful liquid was made possible by using the following products