Vote for Williams photo and enter into sweepstakes

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Vote for Williams photo and enter into sweepstakes

William's photo captioned "Bad water basin" captured in Death Valley National Park (see attached image) is now under voting phase (dated 1/16/2012 to 1/31/2012). Please support and vote his photo. You may win $100 by voting daily.

Voters are allowed by official rules to get one token per day in sweepstakes by means of voting daily.

How to vote for William: After finish one time registration, you can login with your email address daily and select western region gallery on the USA map. After the gallery loaded, click "next" to jump to the page 2 of 4. William's photo is the lower right one. Just click the photo to open it. You will see the "Vote this photo" button on the right side of the photo, just click it and vote. That's it. The "vote this photo" button will disappear for one day after you clicked it. The link for registration is here.

The direct link for "Bad water basin" is here. (View photo only, no vote button without login.)
Please also consider the "Send A Link" button for this photo.

Thank you very much and good luck to all of you!

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